Legends Private and Small Group Sessions

Dallas Legends Soccer

Legends Soccer Club is proud to offer its unique, proven philosophy to youth players from the area. 

             We offer private or group sessions custom tailored to help grow your child's game.

Private Soccer Coaching -

1 player 2 players
1x 1hr session $60 1x 1hr session $100

Great Value!

4 Pack / 4x 1hr Session $200

(Save $20)

Great Value! 

4 Pack / 4x 1hr Session $360

(Save $40)


8 Pack/ 8x 1hr Sessions $380

(Save $100)


8 Pack/ 8x 1hr Sessions $680.00

(Save $120)



Brave, Creative Leaders for Life!

Our coaches are committed to nurturing the self-concept of every child in our program by guaranteeing first individual, then team success.Their commitment is to encourage brave, creative leadership in every player.


We will support children to dare greatly and not be afraid to make mistakes!As a result no risk will be feared- on or off the field.


This child-first mentality is exclusive to the Legends Soccer Club.Legends players experience no guilt, no shame, and no blame!